You're specialized in pharmaceutical.

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry face several challenges to improve product awareness, sales and regulatory compliance and disclosure. Its one thing to promote products to consumers for in-pharmacy OTC products and quite another to get your prescription brands recognized and ordain by physicians. At Paragraph we can help you achieve these goals with both target groups by maximizing the efficiency of your documents and print materials to increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. As a fully integrated supplier our customized solutions are flexible and guaranteed to maximize your ROI. Our products and services include:

Our products and services

  • Signage and merchandising for POS – large format printing
  • Office materials – business cards, letterhead, pocket folders, forms and stationary including online ordering
  • Promotional tools – direct mail, flyers, inserts, posters, product pamphlets and brochures
  • Employee communications
  • Personalized customer communications
  • Printed material personalisation according to the pharmacy and physician locations and customer base
  • Patient information materials
  • Archiving and direct access to all marketing and communication documents in digital format
  • Customer loyalty programs – printed, email distribution, newsletters in HTML and mobile formats
  • Packaging, labelling and product documentation / instructions
  • Traditional printing
  • Presentation and sales materials
  • Personalized sampling kits and distribution to physicians and pharmacists
  • Forms
  • Employee, training and sales manuals
  • Personalized brochures printed on demand
  • Promotional Items

Benefits of Our Solutions for Your Business

  • Increased brand recognition and sales
  • Increased revenue
  • Establish one-to-one relationships with customers through personalized communications
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increased performance of marketing materials through the effective use of colour and personalization
  • Reduce costs and marketing material obsolescence by using print on demand
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Increased ROI on marketing, promotion and loyalty programs
  • Increase effectiveness and reduce costs through multi-platform communication using digital media
  • Centralized and easy access to materials through effective document management
  • Improved cost control on product packaging, documentation and labelling
  • Increased efficiency of supply and distribution chains
  • Use of a partner with secure facilities and required accreditation